Helen in West Africa

Surfing N’Gor right

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlnz_OeCxbk[/youtube] The 1966 surf classic, The Endless Summer, followed two Californians as they chased the summer around the world, surfing as they went. One of the iconic waves they surfed was the n’gor right in Senegal, just off the îsle de n’gor. I’ve not surfed it myself yet but I can see it from my hotel. […]

Senegal cancels foreign fishing deals

Encouraging news emerged last week for West African fisheries as the new government of Senegal announced it has cancelled all deals with foreign fishing companies. All foreign-owned trawlers are to unload their final catch and leave for good.                           The problem of industrial […]

Sahelian riches

In the latest installment of my reports form West Africa, I visit my first fishing communities and meet some big ugly molluscs…                     For the past few days I’ve been paying my first visits to fishing communities here in the Gambia. I’ve met and chatted with […]

Helen in the Gambia

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll probably have heard that I’ve just begun a 2-month trip to West Africa. You can keep posted on my adventures here as I report back on all things seamonsterly. In the first of my reports, I encounter my first two local species down at the beach.  […]