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  • The Endless Summer

    [youtube][/youtube] Check out a few digitally remastered clips from The Endless Summer and that iconic sound track by the Sandals.

  • Free diving, free falling

    Another of my favourite posts from the past year… [youtube][/youtube] I’m still completely obsessed with this video of Guillaume Nery base jumping into – then climbing out of – Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas while holding his breath. It was filmed over 4 afternoons by Julie Gautier who was also freediving. I don’t have plans…

  • James Cameron could make history in a submarine

    The media is buzzing today with news of James Cameron’s upcoming solo journey into the Challenger Deep. At 35,768 ft (more than 6.7 miles!) below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the deepest spot on Earth. He broke a solo depth record yesterday during a test dive. Jacques Piccard and Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh,…

  • Kite surfing Puerto Rico

    I kite surfed Shacks last winter: what a place! [vimeo][/vimeo]  

  • You’ve never seen waves like this

    [youtube][/youtube] This is Teahupoo (pronounced cho-po), Tahiti.  One of the heavyest and most dangerous surf breaks in the world on the biggest day it has ever been surfed. It was August 27th 2011 on a break day from the Billabong Pro surf contest, when contest organizers deemed the waves too big. That didn’t deter many of…

  • Leave a Message: shredding girl surfers!

    [youtube][/youtube] The athletes incude Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Byrne-Wickey Monyca (Hawaii) and Malia Manuel (Hawaii).

  • Flyboarding – the next big ocean sport?

    Dr Octopus eat your heart out. [youtube][/youtube]

  • Surfing and Sharks

    ‘A film about close encounters in South Africa’ [vimeo][/vimeo] From the Surfing and Sharks website: Every year in June the ocean swells to it’s peak, hosting the countries largest surf conditions and also becomes host to the sardine run bringing together a huge marine bio-diversity including many species of sharks. This documentary goes up close with…

  • Kitesurfing Japan

    Two new videos from the Dredge Zone [vimeo][/vimeo] [vimeo][/vimeo]  

  • Fiji Vignette 3/3