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Correction to Grist/TNC piece on coral bleaching

In a Grist repost of a TNC interview with Joanne Wilson, Robert Lalasz asks: You found less coral bleaching on this expedition than you’d thought you would. How significant is that finding? Should we be less worried about coral bleaching than we were before? Joanne Wilson: Coral bleaching occurs when water temperatures are warmer than normal […]

Super tough corals of American Samoa

One of Dr. Steve Palumbi‘s Microdocs videos about his lab’s work with corals from Ofu Island reef in American Samoa that seem highly resistant to thermal stress. [youtube][/youtube]

Climate Change Will Lead to the Extinction of Coral Reef Fish

One of the many factors causing the global loss of reef building corals is anthropogenic climate change, which is slowly warming the world’s oceans. When summertime temperatures are warmer than usual, corals can die from “bleaching” and disease outbreaks. This in turn is devastating for the countless organisms that inhabit coral reefs. A new paper […]

Climate Change Impacts on Ocean Ecosystems: the movie!

A talk by Dr. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg from a session on climate change impacts on ocean ecosystems at the NCSE  Our Changing Oceans. You can download some of the papers Ove referrs to here. [vimeo][/vimeo]