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My congressional testimony on Magnuson-Stevens

I will be testifying tomorrow before the Committee on Natural Resources on the Reauthorization of the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. Watch the hearing live here. This is my opening statement: Chairman Hastings and Ranking Member DeFazio, My name is John Bruno and I am a marine community ecologist and Professor of Biology at […]

Mikono ya Wavuvi (In Fishermen’s Hands)

This excellent video is by  Austin Humphries, a PhD student working with Tim McClanahan in Kenya on coral reef ecology and conservation.  It recently won the People’s Choice Award at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival!  Check it out.

What does the election mean for national ocean policy?

Answer: no big changes at NOAA, where the agency will try to consolidate all the new policies it developed during Obama’s first term. But what congress and the White House will do is more complicated. One of my big concerns about a Romney win, was the loss of Dr Jane Lubchenco, who heads NOAA.  In […]

Scraping the seafloor smooth

Scraping the seafloor smooth

The editorial below is from the NYTand references a new study in Nature (Puig et al 2012). As described by Lucas Laursen: Deep-sea trawling smoothes out the wrinkles of canyons on the continental slope, making marine mountainsides look more like ploughed fields, changing the habitat of deep-sea creatures…For almost a century, fishing fleets have trawled […]

Saving the world’s fisheries

Saving the world’s fisheries

A new editorial from the WaPost: THE WORLD’S WATERS are dangerously overfished, threatening the health and livelihood of millions across the planet. A new study from consulting firm California Environmental Associates, part of which appeared in the journal Science last week, estimates that “over 40 percent of fisheries have crashed or are overfished, producing economic losses […]

Traceability of the seafood supply chain

This is a repost of two articles by Mark Gibson from Breaching the Blue: FishWise’s Mariah Boyle just put out an excellent white paper on seafood traceability efforts by nonprofits, governments, and companies.  It is comprehensive and concisely written.  I highly recommend it for those marine policy wonks out there.  The report can be found here. A few excerpts to […]

Five things I didn’t know about the ocean

Five things I didn't know about the ocean

My review of Professor Callum Roberts’ new book The Ocean of Life has just come out in Toronto’s Globe and Mail. This is the follow up to his first book An unnatural history of the sea (it was one of the Five Books I picked for the Browser) – it dives into the history of how we’ve stripped […]

Catch shares

This is a repost of several articles by Mark Gibson from Breaching the Blue: A new study evaluates the impacts of catch share management in the U.S. and Canada, finding: [C]atch shares result in environmental improvements, economic improvements, and a mixture of changes in social performance, relative to the race for fish under traditional management. Environmentally, compliance with total […]

Reunion island surfers calling for shark massacre

I’m so disappointed to read about the surfers of Reunion island calling for sharks to be fished and removed from a marine reserve after several surfers were attacked (some fatally): After third shark attack fatality, Protesters ask Prefect of Reunion Island to allow shark fishing in Marine Reserve. In the aftermath of the latest fatal shark […]

Oceans of Garbage

Great infographic from the folks over at Created by:

French supermarkets told deep sea fish are NOT sustainable

One of France’s biggest supermarket chains has been claiming the deep sea fish species it sells are sustainable even though they’re caught by enormously destructive bottom trawlers. A landmark ruling today bans the chain from making any further claims along these lines. It’s hoped that the decision will help put an end to practice of […]

Good news for the Coral Sea

It’s been announced that Australian waters will soon be home to the world’s second largest no-take marine reserve. Half a million square kms of the Coral Sea will be out of bounds to the oil & gas industry as well as fisheries – it will include around one third of the coral reefs in the […]

Oceans at Rio +20

Next week sees the start of Rio +20. It’s the follow up to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro and hopes are high among some conservationists and scientists that this time positive change will be made for the oceans. You can keep up to date with the blue issues as they unfold at the […]

Senegal cancels foreign fishing deals

Encouraging news emerged last week for West African fisheries as the new government of Senegal announced it has cancelled all deals with foreign fishing companies. All foreign-owned trawlers are to unload their final catch and leave for good.                           The problem of industrial […]

Sahelian riches

In the latest installment of my reports form West Africa, I visit my first fishing communities and meet some big ugly molluscs…                     For the past few days I’ve been paying my first visits to fishing communities here in the Gambia. I’ve met and chatted with […]

Indirect effects of overfishing

These are the lecture notes from the second lecture of my Marine Ecology course (BIOL 462) at UNC last fall. The first lecture is here. Required readings for this lecture: A recent article by Dr. Emmett Duffy about the hints of a Cod recovery in the north Atlantic and the scientific paper (in Nature) it was based on (here).  Also read […]

Unravelling the international complications of tuna conservation

This is a repost from The Conversation by Quentin Hanich, Glenn Sant, and Sonja Fordham.  The eighth meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission concluded in Guam on Friday 30 March 2012. Five hundred delegates from more than 40 countries argued for a week about how to reduce overfishing in the Western and Central Pacific tuna fisheries […]

We need Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection in the US

The stalled Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection Act got a mention in a nice article about seafood fraud and efforts to curb it in the EU and US. This quote says it all; Although over 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported,” the group reports, “the FDA inspects only 2 percent of […]

Saving a sperm whale

This astonishing image from the Marine Photobank shows a diver working to free a sperm whale from a tangle of fishing gear. It was taken in 1981 by Alberto Romeo when he and a team of divers from the the Gruppo Ricercatori ed Operatori Subacquei (an underwater association that defends and photographs marine wildlife) came across a sperm […]

Portfolio effects in Salmon

by @LizNeeley [vimeo][/vimeo]

Great Decision 2012: The future of the ocean

How can we save the world?  What can an average Joe Blow on the street like us, without a colossal wad of cash to pay nefarious lobbyists, do to nudge the ship of state in the right direction? One answer, not very sexy but  more effective than just changing your light bulbs, is active participation […]

Fish, Sustainability, and Used Cars: Guest post by Dr. Martin Smith

[Editor’s preface: Yesterday, we opened our discussion of seafood eco-labeling with a guest post by Dr. Tim Essington of the University of Washington. Today we present the second perspective on the Marine Seafood Council’s report on environmental certification of seafood products. Dr. Marty Smith is the Dan and Bunny Gabel Associate Professor of Environmental Economics […]

Is seafood certification the answer to sustainability? SeaMonster asks Dr. Tim Essington

[Editor’s preface: How should the conscientious piscivore forage in the complex ecosystem of the modern market? Those of us who love seafood but want to do the right thing are confronted with a blizzard of information and advice  — often conflicting — on the status of marine fish populations and the various management measures intended […]

What Galapagos fisherman think about fishing

From Shark Amigos [vimeo][/vimeo]