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Three ocean scientists receive Heinz awards

Shout-out to three of our colleagues who’ve received the prestigious Heinz award for work that benefits the environment. The Pittsburgh-based Heinz Family Foundation has presented the awards since 1994 in memory of Sen. John Heinz III. From the WaPO: “Teresa Heinz told The Associated Press that the awards recognized innovative approaches to serious topics for […]

Assessing the impacts of the Gulf Oil Spill on coastal fish populations

A nice article by Mark Derewicz (excerpted below) about work by my UNC colleague Dr. Joel Fodrie on the impacts of the Gulf Oil Spill on coastal fish populations. [cincopa AUMAbmqKig7H] The fish are all right? Chris Baillie hauled the net onto the boat and dumped its contents in front of Joel Fodrie. They spread out the […]

Unhappy Birthday to Deepwater Horizon

One year ago today we woke up to one of the worst environmental disasters in American history. Eleven people and countless animals dead, five million barrels of crude released, and the potential long-term transformation of the ocean on a regional scale.  Only time will reveal the full consequences of the event but the picture is […]

Revisiting the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Claudia Dreifus recently published a great interview with oceanographer Dr Samantha Joye in the Science section of the New York Times (here). Until a year ago, the marine scientist Samantha Joye studied a fairly obscure natural phenomenon: the seepage of oil from undersea deposits into deepwater environments. Then, in the wake of the BP Deepwater Horizon […]