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Behold the icy finger of death

It’s rough enough trying to eke out a living rooting around the seafloor in water that’s perennially hovering just around the freezing mark. But then, just when you let your guard down . . . well, check out this amazing video from the BBC, narrated with his inimitable understated drama by one of my heroes, […]

Layer Cake

When the glacier’s face calves, we get a new look at the inside. To give you an idea of scale here, the cliff face is several hundred feet tall. Twenty-foot ice javelins? Yes please! (I was almost a quarter mile away when I took this photograph, and you’d be an idiot to get much closer.) […]

Light at Night

We’re still wearing long underwear and puffy parkas and hats every day. We’re gearing up for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’re looking out our windows at a very convincing field of ice and snow. And yet here we are calling it “springtime.” There are a few clues that life here is transitioning into summer, […]

Ice Day

When I was a young girl, a snow day was a rare and glorious thing. Here at Palmer Station, it seems like every other day is a snow day – or, more specifically, a snow-and-ice day. It’s springtime, which apparently means: wind. Whiteness. Generally unpredictable yet predictably cold weather. The winter sea ice broke up […]