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Brian & the Southern Right Whale

I recently chatted with award-winning underwater photojournalist Brian Skerry for the latest edition of the Naked Oceans podcast (which looks at Art and the Oceans). His pictures have appeared in National Geographic Magazine since 1998 and having spent more than 10,000 hours underwater he had heaps of amazing stories and excellent advice to share. But with only […]

Cuttlefish are cool

Yes they are. But don’t just take my word for it. Click & listen below to seahorse expert Heather Mason Jones from the University of Tampa making her pick of the oceans inhabitants for “Critter of the Month” in the latest episode of the Naked Oceans podcast. Cuttlefish are cool – Naked Oceans

No-one likes a mucky reef

Joshua Drew from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, picks his top ocean dweller for the “Critter of the Month” in the recent, Christmas episode of the Naked Oceans podcast. Joshua Drew on cleaner wrasse – Naked Oceans

Discovering the deepest deep sea vents

                    Last week a major ocean discovery hit the science news headlines with details published of the deepest, and quite possibly the hottest undersea volcanic vent on the planet. Named the Beebe Vent field (after the chap who first went down into the deep ocean), and […]

Wallace J. Nichols – the loggerhead turtle

Blue Marbles founder and all-round ocean good guy Wallace J. Nichols appears on this month’s Naked Oceans podcast as he faces the question “If you were a marine critter, which would you be, and why?” Here’s what he had to say… [mp3j track=”Critter of the Month on the Naked Oceans podcast@″]

Hydrogen-powered hydrothermal vent critters

Scientists have discovered a third source of energy used by animals in the deep sea. Hydrothermal vents aren’t for the feint hearted. It’s very dark and unbelievably hot down there, not to mention the pressure – we’re talking many miles beneath the waves, here – and all those zingy chemicals, gushing out from cracks in […]

Coral mass spawning: the hows and whys

One of my favourite shows from the first season of Naked Oceans, was our Valentine’s Day special. We had fun investigating the love lives of various marine critters and top of the list of spectacular mating habits are the mass spawning events of coral reefs. What better way to have sex when you’re stuck firmly […]

Naked Oceans bloopers reel

To celebrate Naked Oceans’ first birthday, we’ve made a one hour special edition of the podcast featuring highlights from the first season. Along with all our best-bits (do you remember the seahorse surgery?) we’re  offering an exclusive sneak peak into the making of the show… [mp3j track=”Naked Oceans bloopers reel@″]

How to take great shark pictures

There’s no doubt that sharks have come a long way since JAWS, but they still suffer something of an image crisis. Shark week does a good job of championing these fantastic beasts,  but we haven’t quite got away from the ‘don’t go into the water’ mentality. So, what can we do to shift this ingrained […]

How the Census of Marine Life got started

Last year saw the climax of a ten-year effort to discover as much as possible about life in the oceans. It was the first census of marine life but it was more than just a very big fish-counting effort. It was an amazingly ambitious endeavor which turned out a menagerie of species new to science, […]

Ten questions for Helen Scales

Dr. Helen Scales is a freelance writer, broadcaster and marine biologist based in Cambridge, UK. She earned her doctorate degree from Cambridge University and studied the lives and loves of a fish called the Napoleon wrasse or humphead wrasse, a rare and endangered giant on coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Helen usually interviews me, […]

Meet the bone eating snot flower

Have a listen to deep sea biologist Greg Rouse introducing the bone eating snot flower aka the zombie worm (or Osedax, if you want to be a bit more proper and scientific about these things). Greg was part of the team that discovered these guys munching their way through whale skeletons at the bottom of Monterey […]

Genie Clark, The Shark Lady

They say never meet your heros, but after meeting one of mine I can thoroughly recommend it. During my recent visit to Mote Marine Labs in Florida I had the chance to meet Eugenie Clark – aka The Shark Lady – and what a wonderful lady she is. I’d arranged to have lunch with Genie the […]

Meet the elusive eels

Dan Laffoley from IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas tells a glorious story of the European eel and some of the crazy things it gets up to, in another installment of Naked Oceans‘ Critter of the Month feature.

What lives above, on, and in the oceans?

What lives above, on, and in the oceans? Pelicans of course… and what’s not to like about a pelican? Here’s our very own Seamonster John Bruno taking his turn picking the Critter of the Month on the Naked Oceans podcast.

Why tiger sharks are cool

                      Sharks are cool creatures, right? We’re all agreed on that? Good. But tiger sharks are especially cool. Boris Worm from Dalhousie University in Canada picked them as his “Critter of the Month” on the Naked Oceans podcast a while back. Each month – just for […]

When one set of sex organs just isn’t enough

Chimeras are weird-looking cousins of sharks that get up to some strange things in the deep sea – the group includes rat fish, rabbit fish, and elephant fish. Here’s Matt Gollock from The Zoological Society of London, on the Naked Oceans podcast (part of our 12 Critters of Christmas special), introducing these peculiar creatures, including […]

It’s a long wait for Nemo

                        The good people at the Disney corporation have made sure we all know who this fish is. Of course it’s Nemo aka the clown anemone fish, (Amphiprion percula). But there are some details the movie-makers left out – and let’s face it, they […]

Introducing Carl Safina, the bluefin tuna

At the end of every Naked Oceans podcast there’s a bit where we ask a marine expert “If you were a marine critter, which would you be, and why…?” We’re nearing the end of our first series of podcasts and we’ve had all sorts of great species added to our Critter of the Month hall […]

Sea angels

[youtube][/youtube] Sea angels. They sound kind of made up, don’t they? But they are real animals – a type of seashell that have lost their shells and spend their lives flitting about in the open ocean, propelled by a pair of little fairy wings. We chatted to Rob Jennings from the University of Massachusetts about […]