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Tundra Connections: Mothers & Cubs live today!

Tundra Connections, an amazing online outreach platform produced by Polar Bears International will be running a live show today about mum and cub polar bears from the arctic!  Learn more here. [youtube][/youtube]  

Expert debunks lamo coverage of polar bear science

Below is a repost of a piece from MediaMatters by Jocelyn Fong covering Steven Amstrup’s response to the recent media coverage of polar bear populations, which led to a resurgence of that long debunked myth “Polar Bears are doing better than ever! They LOVE climate change!”  Steven used to be a federal scientist and is now the lead […]

Polar bears debate causes of climate change


A warming climate takes its toll on the polar bears of Hudson Bay

[vimeo][/vimeo] I got to spend some time with Dan in Churchill this year.  He took us out polar bear watching via passenger van, he mentored me about the new line of Panasonic micro 4/3 cameras, he seems to know everything about this environment and travels the world as a photojournalist and guide.

Julia Whitty on the 2011 Arctic report card

From Deep Blue Home and NOAA’s 2011 Arctic report card: NOAA released its 2011 Arctic report card. Atmosphere: F Sea Ice & Ocean: F Hydrology & Terrestrial Cryosphere: F Marine Ecosystems : C Terrestrial Ecosystems: C The report doesn’t say ‘tipping point.’ But in fact it might well have been a tipping point. Here’s what this tippinglike […]

Canada’s failure to protect polar bears challenged

The Center for Biological Diversity, a U.S. conservation group, filed a formal challenge today over Canada’s failure to protect polar bears under its Species At Risk Act. The challenge was filed with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, an entity established by the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, to monitor the three signatory countries’ […]

What do polar bears eat?


Of polar bears and tipping points

This is a guest post by Dr. Gregory Thiemann, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University.  Greg is a polar bear expert that I met in Canada recently when we both worked with Polar Bears International on their Tundra Connections project.   As I write this, I’m on a Calm Air flight enroute […]

Still no ice on Hudson Bay

  Update: The maps from the Environment Canada site indicate some freezing up along the shore which matches up with what I saw on my last day in Churchill (last Thursday) when the air temp. dropped to 0F (it is currently -9F! but forecasted to warm up substantially later in the week):

Polar bears and climate change

My research usually takes me to tropical places where you can’t drink the water.  But this week I’m in a very cold northern place.  I came to Churchill, Canada to work with Polar Bears International on their Tundra Connections project, helping to spread the word about how climate change is impacting marine critters like polar bears. The arctic […]

Polar bear scuffle

The antarctic may have Zena’s fighting penguins, but the arctic has male polar bear scuffling.  You tell me which is more spectacular (although, I must admit, those lady birds really go at it!). [vimeo][/vimeo] This post was made possible by Polar Bears International and their Tundra Connections project, the Tundra Buggy Lodge and Canada Goose for […]

Churchill polar bears

I arrived in Churchill Canada today, to work with Polar Bears International on their Tundra Connections project – a multimedia climate change extravaganza! We went for a drive in the PBI van and saw over a dozen polar bears in an hour – some just on the edge of town. They are congregating at the […]