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Sea level rise in North Carolina

This is a post for my Marine Ecology class.  We covered estuaries yesterday and will get to climate change impacts on the oceans soon.  Sea level rise due to greenhouse gas emissions is one of the main ways climate change is affecting us Tar Heels.  (And yes, this will all be on the final exam) […]

How high will the oceans rise?

How high will the oceans rise?

There is a nice article in the NYT today by Justin Gillis about new research designed to answer this question.  The team is identifying fossil beaches from the pliocene (~ 3 millions years ago) that were formed when the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was (naturally) what it is now (not naturally).  Then, as now, the […]

Sea level rise for the west coast of the US


What to do when the oceans rise

What to do when the oceans rise

Last week I published my first book review at PLoS Biology with UNC undergraduate Lauren-Kristine Pryzant.  We read and wrote about Tim McClanahan and Josh Cinner’s excellent new book, “Adapting to a Changing Environment: Confronting the Consequences of Climate Change“.   We tried to bring the lessons in the book from Africa home by discussing climate […]

Five things I didn’t know about the ocean

Five things I didn't know about the ocean

My review of Professor Callum Roberts’ new book The Ocean of Life has just come out in Toronto’s Globe and Mail. This is the follow up to his first book An unnatural history of the sea (it was one of the Five Books I picked for the Browser) – it dives into the history of how we’ve stripped […]

Yes, North Carolina sea level really is rising


A new study forecasts sea level rise based on 2C of warming and the picture isn’t pretty

Sea levels around the world can be expected to rise by several metres in coming centuries, if global warming carries on. Even if global warming is limited to 2 degrees Celsius, global-mean sea level could continue to rise, reaching between 1.5 and 4 metres above present-day levels by the year 2300, with the best estimate […]

The NC sea level rise saga: the lowdown

Below is a list of links and resources regarding the infamous North Carolina sea level rise saga. I will continue to update and will give this resource a permanent home in our sidebar. Please feel free to email me suggestions ( or leave them as comments below. Start here by reading Scott Huler’s piece “NC […]

North Carolina sea level rise assessment report

The North Carolina Sea-Level Rise Assessment Report prepared by the  N.C. Coastal Resources Commission’s Science Panel on Coastal Hazards was published in March 2010. The report immediately attracted the attention of real estate investors and coastal development lobbying groups like “NC 20” that responded with anti-science propaganda like this (PDF). These groups successfully lobbied the state legislature to declare that coastal communities should […]

The NC sea level rise saga: reply to Dave Burton

Dave Burton of NC 20 published a reply here to recent post I did about natural and human-caused sea level rise, “Sea Level Rise 101“. This is a reply to his post and a clarification of some of his many misconceptions about sea level rise science. I want to start by saying that my interests in the NC […]

The NC sea level rise saga: mid-week update

This story is moving rapidly – sadly mostly in the wrong direction. • The NC senate passed a slightly modified version of the houses bill Tuesday. The senates version states “rates shall only be determined using historical data, and these data shall be limited to the time period following the year 1900. Rates of sea-level rise may be […]