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Progress on shark conservation

Progress on shark conservation

There has been some good news (and a little bad news) in the shark fishing regulation world recently.  I am especially happy about the announcement by NOAA that it will greatly limit shark fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic ocean, primarily to reduce catch of ducky dusky and black tip sharks (more […]

Sharks mean business!

Sharks mean business!

Every day that a shark stays alive and available for divers to catch a glimpse of, it raises an average $73 in tourism revenue.  That ads up to ~ $25,000 a year and well over a million greenbacks over a life time (Gallagher and Hammerschlag 2011). [youtube][/youtube]   [vimeo][/vimeo]

Shark killing contests alive and well in the US

Shark killing contests alive and well in the US

Star Island shark tournament by the numbers: Two days of fishing 156 boats ~ 1000 hunters $540,000 in prize money 94 dead sharks biggest dead shark: 422 lb thresher   Meanwhile, down in Alabama at the “Outcast Mega Shark Tournament” the catch of the day was a 949 lb, 14 ft tiger shark:     […]

Kristen Bell talking about shark tagging with the Hammerschlagies on Leno

[vimeo][/vimeo] Go here for more info about shark expert Dr. Neil Hammerschlag’s shark tagging program. 

New evidence for catastrophic loss of coral reef sharks

“[The] density of reef sharks has declined to 3–10% of baseline levels” This is the take-home finding from one of two new papers that help clarify just how much reef shark populations have declined. Nadon et al. 2012, Re-creating missing population baselines for Pacific reef sharks, just came out in the journal Conservation Biology. The team used a new database […]

A judge for the ocean

The article below from  Sea Shepherd describes the slowly developing recognition that the current judiciary in Ecuador and elsewhere cannot deal with various environmental laws. Just like the recent case in Indonesia, when a boat was caught illegally harvesting sharks in the Galapagos, all the fisherman were sent home with minimal fines. But on the other […]

Alex Hofford on silky sharks

I chat with photojournalist Alex Hofford about his recent trip to the Pacific Ocean with Greenpeace, where he encountered some beautiful sharks.                     HS – What was it like meeting silky sharks compared to other sharks you’ve encountered AH – These sharks seemed almost canine in […]

State shark finning bans gaining traction

Bans against shark finning and export have been passed by several states and seem to be slowly gaining traction. Since most shark fishing and export of shark fins happens outside of US waters, this type of legislation is relatively ineffective in reducing a global problem. But it is a start and I think may be […]

Thousands of shark fins laid out to dry on a Hong Kong sidewalk

This is where these sharks would have ended up had the GNP not apprehended the boat. [vimeo][/vimeo] HT to Abel

Shark finning infographic

Demon Fish gets the Book Hook treatment

To launch Seamonster’s brand spanking new Book Hook, I chat with journalist, author, and shark enthusiast Juliet Eilperin about her recent book Demon Fish. In it she explores the world of sharks, the fishers who catch them for food and for fun, the campaigners trying to persuade people to kick the shark-fin habit, and the scientists […]

Blue shark wins Ocean in Focus contest

Grand-Prize winner of this year’s Marine Photobank’s Ocean in Focus conservation photo contest is Terry Goss with this image of a blue shark snagged on a longline hook in waters off Rhode Island, US. In an interview with Marine Photobank, Terry said: When I started shooting underwater, it was immediately apparent that every shark image […]

Perth shark attacks drive Western Australian politicians to call for idiotic shark cull

Shark conservation expert David Shiffman has been covering this news here and here; in brief, three people have been killed recently by sharks. This is obviously sad. But calling for legislation to legalize a currently illegal “shark cull” is idiotic. Primarily because it is very unlikely to affect shark attacks on people (as David explains) […]

Good news and bad news

Every day in marine conservation, you hear both. How about the bad news first. The Guardian is reporting another shark masacure in the Malpelo sanctuary off Columbia (but note I have not heard independent confirmation about this and the Guardian botched part of the article by suggesting whale sharks had been harvested for their fins). Like Scott […]

Shark fins banned in world’s 2nd largest market — California

Yes, America, the California market for shark-fin soup is the largest outside Asia. Which means that much of the carnage John has documented in previous SeaMonster posts (see here, here, and here) is washing up right here in your backyard. Read it and weep. But the sun also rises. The California legislature passed the shark-fin […]

California approves fin ban: what next for shark celebrities?

Sharks fin soup is on the way out in America’s Golden State. Today the California State Senate voted 25-9 to pass a bill that will ban the sale, trade, and possession of shark fins. In a few days it’ll be signed by the governor and effectively put an end to one of the largest, legal […]

Graphic arts depiction of shark fin fishing

From photographic artist Chris Jordan: Depicts 270,000 fossilized shark teeth, equal to the estimated number of sharks of all species killed around the world every day for their fins. Zoom in and you see more; 

Following up on the Galapagos Shark massacre

Deep Sea News has been publishing so many must read stories I can’t keep up!  For example, See Rick M’s great follow up on the Galapagos shark saga; The truly unfortunate fact is that this news is neither new nor uncommon. And it is global Designation of any parcel of ocean “as protected”, formally or informally, is no guarantee […]

Anatomy of a shark heist

Below is a guest post by Lindsey Carr, a PhD student in my lab at UNC. Lindsey is doing her dissertation research on the dynamics of shallow subtidal communities across the Galapagos archipelago. Her post is excerpted from a report she wrote for the Galapagos National Park about the catch found on the illegal vessel. […]

What a marine massacre looks like

Yesterday I led a team of eight scientists and students from UNC, USFQ and the Galapagos Science Center that documented the catch aboard a vessel caught illegally long lining in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. We worked alongside a great team from the Galapagos National Park and were also assisted by the Ecuadorian Coast Guard.  We identified, sexed, and measured every individual (there […]

Breaking news: 357 dead sharks found on illegal fishing vessel in Galapagos National Park

Check back on SeaMonster or go here for updates and related posts I’m in the conference room of the Galapagos Science Center overlooking the harbor of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on the island of San Cristobal in the Galapagos. There is a lot of commotion around a new addition to the habors fishing fleet: a rundown small ship from […]

Breaking news: Shark fishing banned in the Bahamas!

The BBC is reporting that shark fishing has been banned in the Bahamas!  About time. My lab is working on the role of sharks and other top predators in coral reef food webs and one of the few places in the Caribbean that we can go to work with sharks is the Bahamas. This ban went […]

Shark fishing in Madagascar

[vimeo][/vimeo] Here’s another movie by filmmaker John Slayer, this time with an insight into the shark fisheries of Madagascar.

Demon Fish by Juliet Eilperin

WaPost environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin was on the Diane Rehm Show Wednesday talking about her new book “Demon Fish”. I haven’t read the book, but she did a nice job talking about sharks, their value and shark conservation.  And her video below is really good. Listen to the show here. [youtube][/youtube]