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  • Danger Reef

    Joe says view the HD version if possible!

  • Oceanic whitetip sharks!

    By the amazing Austin Gallagher

  • Dolphins “protect” snorkeler from shark

    Pretty neat video.   Dolphins have long been known to protect humans in the water from sharks.  They instinctively chase away sharks with high-pitched noises and general harassment.   However, it must be noted, it is very unlikely that the cameraman was in danger.  The hammerhead shark was likely just being curious and checking him…

  • This is one tough Mako shark

    This is one tough Mako shark

    These photos of a shortfin mako shark are amazing (source).  We found one dead shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus on the pirate fishing vessel we boarded in the Galapagos in 2011.  They are more impressive alive.  HT to Dr Isabelle Cote AKA @redlipblenny Punching above her weight: The pugnacious Mako refused to be intimidated by the…

  • Sharky desktop

  • Sharks mean business!

    Sharks mean business!

    Every day that a shark stays alive and available for divers to catch a glimpse of, it raises an average $73 in tourism revenue.  That ads up to ~ $25,000 a year and well over a million greenbacks over a life time (Gallagher and Hammerschlag 2011). [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdFe3vs5FN4&[/youtube]   [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/27134578[/vimeo]

  • Shark killing contests alive and well in the US

    Star Island shark tournament by the numbers: Two days of fishing 156 boats ~ 1000 hunters $540,000 in prize money 94 dead sharks biggest dead shark: 422 lb thresher   Meanwhile, down in Alabama at the “Outcast Mega Shark Tournament” the catch of the day was a 949 lb, 14 ft tiger shark:    …

  • Shark week with Kelly Slater

    Shark week with Kelly Slater


  • Reunion island surfers calling for shark massacre

    I’m so disappointed to read about the surfers of Reunion island calling for sharks to be fished and removed from a marine reserve after several surfers were attacked (some fatally): After third shark attack fatality, Protesters ask Prefect of Reunion Island to allow shark fishing in Marine Reserve. In the aftermath of the latest fatal shark…

  • Tiger shark

    By Austin Gallagher, shot in the Bahamas.