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Danger Reef

Joe says view the HD version if possible!

Oceanic whitetip sharks!

By the amazing Austin Gallagher

Dolphins “protect” snorkeler from shark

Pretty neat video.   Dolphins have long been known to protect humans in the water from sharks.  They instinctively chase away sharks with high-pitched noises and general harassment.   However, it must be noted, it is very unlikely that the cameraman was in danger.  The hammerhead shark was likely just being curious and checking him […]

This is one tough Mako shark

This is one tough Mako shark

These photos of a shortfin mako shark are amazing (source).  We found one dead shortfin mako Isurus oxyrinchus on the pirate fishing vessel we boarded in the Galapagos in 2011.  They are more impressive alive.  HT to Dr Isabelle Cote AKA @redlipblenny Punching above her weight: The pugnacious Mako refused to be intimidated by the […]

Sharky desktop

Sharky desktop

Sharks mean business!

Sharks mean business!

Every day that a shark stays alive and available for divers to catch a glimpse of, it raises an average $73 in tourism revenue.  That ads up to ~ $25,000 a year and well over a million greenbacks over a life time (Gallagher and Hammerschlag 2011). [youtube][/youtube]   [vimeo][/vimeo]

Shark killing contests alive and well in the US

Shark killing contests alive and well in the US

Star Island shark tournament by the numbers: Two days of fishing 156 boats ~ 1000 hunters $540,000 in prize money 94 dead sharks biggest dead shark: 422 lb thresher   Meanwhile, down in Alabama at the “Outcast Mega Shark Tournament” the catch of the day was a 949 lb, 14 ft tiger shark:     […]

Shark week with Kelly Slater

Shark week with Kelly Slater


Reunion island surfers calling for shark massacre

I’m so disappointed to read about the surfers of Reunion island calling for sharks to be fished and removed from a marine reserve after several surfers were attacked (some fatally): After third shark attack fatality, Protesters ask Prefect of Reunion Island to allow shark fishing in Marine Reserve. In the aftermath of the latest fatal shark […]

Tiger shark

Tiger shark

By Austin Gallagher, shot in the Bahamas.

Ghost trap and shark feeding frenzy in the Bahamas

There are thousands of “ghost” traps around the Caribbean that are fishing constantly without being checked by fisherman. There were three cubera snappers and one black grouper in this one. Approximately 100 pounds worth of fish. Only one snapper was dead and was the meal for half a dozen of reef sharks that have been […]

Anatomy of sea life by Jeff Wysaski

We love these brilliant cartoons by Jeff Wysaski over at pleated jeans.                                                                                     Head […]

Bahamas shark tagging: the movie

Check out how Dr. Neil Hammerschlag and his University Of Miami crew tag sharks in the Berry Islands, Bahamas to study their migration patterns and thus, better protect them. You can learn more about UM’s shark conservation program and follow Berry The Tiger Shark here: [youtube][/youtube]  

Do slomo sharks snack on snoozing seals?

This week I wrote a piece for National Geographic News about a study just out suggesting that Greenland sharks could sneak up on seals and catch them while they’re sleeping. It’s a neat study, involving putting motion-sensors on individual sharks to see how fast they swim. In fact, turns out these guys swim so very […]

Kristen Bell talking about shark tagging with the Hammerschlagies on Leno

[vimeo][/vimeo] Go here for more info about shark expert Dr. Neil Hammerschlag’s shark tagging program. 

Giant bull shark surprises team Hammerschlag

Check out the piece by Andrea Mustain for Our Amazing Planet about my colleague, shark expert Dr. Neil Hammerschlag’s encounter with a big bull shark. Funny, but I was SUPing at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse yesterday and a fishing boat pulled up and the captain yelled “look out – we just saw a ten foot bull shark”. I […]

New evidence for catastrophic loss of coral reef sharks

“[The] density of reef sharks has declined to 3–10% of baseline levels” This is the take-home finding from one of two new papers that help clarify just how much reef shark populations have declined. Nadon et al. 2012, Re-creating missing population baselines for Pacific reef sharks, just came out in the journal Conservation Biology. The team used a new database […]

Happy Birthday Genie Clark

Today is Eugenie Clark’s 90th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENIE! To celebrate I’m reposting my story about meeting my shark hero last year.  They say never meet your heros, but after meeting one of mine I can thoroughly recommend it. During my recent visit to Mote Marine Labs in Florida I had the chance to meet Eugenie Clark – […]

Stunning reminders of why the oceans are awesome

Here’s a few of the amazing pictures that won this year’s underwater photography contest run by the University of Miami Rosentiel School. Make sure you check them out in their full glory at the 2012 Winners website.

Teeny tiny glowing sharks could be missing link

Take a tour of sharks around the oceans and you’ll find that around one in ten has the ability to glow, sparkle and twinkle its own eerie light. Some of the tiniest and most mysterious sharks – the pygmy and lantern sharks – are the subject of a new study looking into how glowing sharks […]

Alex Hofford on silky sharks

I chat with photojournalist Alex Hofford about his recent trip to the Pacific Ocean with Greenpeace, where he encountered some beautiful sharks.                     HS – What was it like meeting silky sharks compared to other sharks you’ve encountered AH – These sharks seemed almost canine in […]

State shark finning bans gaining traction

Bans against shark finning and export have been passed by several states and seem to be slowly gaining traction. Since most shark fishing and export of shark fins happens outside of US waters, this type of legislation is relatively ineffective in reducing a global problem. But it is a start and I think may be […]

In search of sharks and mermaids

That was Abel Valdivia’s talk title at #BEM2012 (not really). He just posted a nice piece on The Abaco Scientist (AKA Dr Craig Layman) explaining a poster he gave recently on his work that Iv’e reposted without permission below.  Thanks Craig and Abel! I am currently a PhD graduate student in the John Bruno Lab […]

Eating shark messes with your brain

It’s official – the news all us shark-huggers have been waiting for. Eating sharks is bad for you.                 Shark guru Neil Hammerschlag and his team form the RJ Dunlap Marine Conservation Program came out with this potentially groundbreaking news. They tested shark fins from 7 species swimming […]