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Pipeline as you’ve never seen it before

Parko is this year’s world surfing champ!

 Joel Parkinson (AUS), 31, has claimed his maiden ASP World Title today at the final stop of the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) season, the Billabong Pipe Masters.  See yesterdays highlights below:

Over the falls

I know this feeling. It is not a good feeling. [youtube][/youtube]

Kook Jamie O’Brien rides sea turtle

Kook Jamie O'Brien rides sea turtle

Oy vey! One of the world’s most famous free surfers and tube riding master, Jamie O’Brian, has created a massive controversy in Hawaii (and elsewhere) by posting this picture on his FB page: Not cool Jamie.  At least ride an adult! [youtube][/youtube]

18 year-old surfing phenom,Tyler Wright

[youtube][/youtube] Teaching the next generation of gromettes: [youtube][/youtube]  

What does a J-Bay tube look like from the inside?

filmed in J-Bay South Africa [vimeo][/vimeo]  

Quicksilver Pro France 2012

Day 1 Highlights [youtube][/youtube]   Day 5 Highlights [youtube][/youtube]  UPDATE: Kelly Slater wins the 2012 Quicksilver Pro France! At 40! [youtube][/youtube]

Surfing Storm Bay, Tasmania


Shark week with Kelly Slater

Shark week with Kelly Slater


Reunion island surfers calling for shark massacre

I’m so disappointed to read about the surfers of Reunion island calling for sharks to be fished and removed from a marine reserve after several surfers were attacked (some fatally): After third shark attack fatality, Protesters ask Prefect of Reunion Island to allow shark fishing in Marine Reserve. In the aftermath of the latest fatal shark […]

Epic swell hits Cloudbreak

An epic code-red swell hit Cloudbreak, Fiji yesterday right in the middle of the Volcom Fiji Pro surf contest. After two heats, contest organizers called it quits and opened up one of the world’s great reef breaks for the free surfers to shred. Read more about it here and here and here to watch footage of […]

Waimea River: How to make waves

Big wave awards 2012

Check out some of the nominations for the Billabong 2012 Big Wave Awards: [youtube][/youtube]

Surfing N’Gor right

[youtube][/youtube] The 1966 surf classic, The Endless Summer, followed two Californians as they chased the summer around the world, surfing as they went. One of the iconic waves they surfed was the n’gor right in Senegal, just off the îsle de n’gor. I’ve not surfed it myself yet but I can see it from my hotel. […]

Dreams with Kelia Moniz


The toxicity of surfing

  Created by Envirosurfer: Eco-friendly Wetsuits & Surf Clothing.  

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast – Round 4 & 5


Woman: they can really surf!


You’ve never seen waves like this

[youtube][/youtube] This is Teahupoo (pronounced cho-po), Tahiti.  One of the heavyest and most dangerous surf breaks in the world on the biggest day it has ever been surfed. It was August 27th 2011 on a break day from the Billabong Pro surf contest, when contest organizers deemed the waves too big. That didn’t deter many of […]

Leave a Message: shredding girl surfers!

[youtube][/youtube] The athletes incude Carissa Moore (Hawaii), Lakey Peterson (USA), Laura Enever (Australia), Coco Ho (Hawaii), Byrne-Wickey Monyca (Hawaii) and Malia Manuel (Hawaii).

Surfing and Sharks

‘A film about close encounters in South Africa’ [vimeo][/vimeo] From the Surfing and Sharks website: Every year in June the ocean swells to it’s peak, hosting the countries largest surf conditions and also becomes host to the sardine run bringing together a huge marine bio-diversity including many species of sharks. This documentary goes up close with […]

Fiji Vignette 3/3


OBX surfing


Kelly Slater wins 11th world title

Yesterday at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. [youtube][/youtube]