Those who can — teach!

Are you a scientist? Have you ever wondered what you personally can do to make a difference? To combat the dark age that seems to be upon us in nearly every aspect of public life, from evolution to climate change? To fire kids up about how cool marine organisms are? Of course — we all have.

You’re not alone. And now you have the moral support of the President of the United States and some of the world’s heavyweight scientific journals.  Here’s a great, inspirational editorial in Nature highlighting Scientific American‘s initiative “to find 1,000 scientists to visit schools, help teachers and boost US education.” And some concrete ideas about how to do it. More than 230 scientists have already signed up. And so can you.

“Many developed nations face chronic problems in high-school science education. Researchers in the United States, in particular, will be only too aware of the nation’s sliding student scores in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. What may surprise, however, is that a truly powerful resource is available that, as one science and maths teacher exulted on Twitter, “will b a HUGE gamechanger for the good”.


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One response to “Those who can — teach!”

  1. Paul Richardson

    The USA ranked 27th out of 29? Yikes!

    Okay, Emmett, I’ve signed up. Although, sporadically over the years, I’ve volunteered guest lectures in high school science classes, this program might give me a nudge to participate a little more regularly. Sharing what we do with future scientists has always been very rewarding for me, and hopefully to many of them! Great post!


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