Cuba Journal: Day 3 – The Octopus Cave

Day 3: Sunday 29 May

Fantastic dives and natural history today. We are scouting sites for Abel’s dissertation project examining impacts of sharks on the reef community, so targeting sites where sharks are abundant. This area, the Jardines de la Reina (“Gardens of the Queen”), is widely considered to be among the most pristine sites in the Caribbean and a haven for sharks. This proves abundantly true for us today as we visit Cueva del Pulpo (the Octopus Cave), a beautiful reef home to a big goliath grouper (see video here), several Caribbean reef sharks (video), black groupers, and of course lots of other interesting creatures lower in the food chain.

So much time in the water, work to do, and so on that there was little time to write about it (as a mentor of mine was fond of saying, “You can either live life or record it”, which has a grain of truth to it). But thanks to our fabulous guide and photographer Noel, we got a great photographic record. Here are some of his beauties:

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