Underwater beetle – but not the insect variety

I’m not a great car fan, but I’ve been in love with the cute curves of VW beetles for a long time (and perhaps one day I’ll get one). And I’m completely in love with this new art installation by Jason de Caires Taylor.

It’s called Anthropocene, it’s installed on the sea bed 8 m beneath the waves at Manchones Reef off Cancun in Mexico. And it’s specificially designed to be a home for marine wildlife and to explore, in Jason’s words:

the significant impact humans have had on our planets ecosystems and the subsequent affects to future generations.

It’s made out of marine cement and weighs 8 tons, so I can only imagine it was quite a mission installing it…

Jason built special entrance doors and hidey holes inside for lobsters and juvenile fish to sneak into.

Jason told me more about the idea behind his underwater sculptures – and the practicalities of building them – on the Naked Oceans podcast.

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