What if you really were ruler of the world? Here’s a taste.

Here’s a little something on the lighter side (or not, if you start thinking about it . . .) for a lazy Saturday morning: I’m not a gamer — missed that generation — but this looks mildly intriguing: a strategic battle of ideas and action for the future of the planet: eco types vs free “tycoons”. A game sort of like Risk, which was popular back in the day, but updated for the new millennium and with civics of a sort and economics folded in to the ever popular military world-domination bit. Maybe it would even be educational.

The thing is called Anno 2070. Here’s the dope from IGN (whatever that is):

“In Anno 2070 two factions are vying for control: the Ecos and the Tycoons. The Ecos have responded to the rising sea levels and other environmental issues by expanding carefully and in tune with nature, relying on natural sources of power. The Tycoons don’t worry about such things, choosing tactics that allow for aggressive expansion and harm the area around them. Ecos will expand slower, but won’t have the same troubles as Tycoons in the long run, since their aggressive expansion eventually requires massive amounts of energy to fuel it.”

And here’s the part of interest to faithful SeaMonster readers:

“Since this is a world where rising sea levels have covered even more of the world with water, humans have also been forced to expand into underwater colonies. Anno 2070 will have several stages that require you to manage units and buildings in the land, sea and at the bottom of the ocean. And whether on land or sea floor, all of your societies will require you to carefully balance their energy, infrastructure and food needs.”

Channeling Kevin Costner from that rather unfortunate movie Water World  . . .

Hat tip to Grist.





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