all alone now

Yesterday the ARSV Gould left the pier, taking most of the winter crew northbound. I’m usually the one leaving on the Gould – either on my way farther south for a research cruise or heading home – so it was strange to be left on land while the ship pulled away. That’s it! Those of us who are here are here to stay for a long time.

There isn’t time for second thoughts, though, because tradition (and peer pressure) says that we all must jump into the water while those leaving on the Gould wave goodbye. After that it’s a mad dash to the hot tub. By the time you’ve thawed out enough to think, the boat has already disappeared from view and it’s just you and your newly-adopted family. Video of our polar plunge coming soon!

I’m spending four months in Antarctica as a field scientist. Click here to see all my posts from the south!



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  1. YESSS! So exciting! Even being there is an adventure…so envious of your experience.

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