The year in review

During SeaMonster’s one-year birthday week, I thought I’d share some of our traffic stats:

We had nearly 100,000 unique visitors and nearly half a million page views.  Our traffic came from 190 different countries including Syria, Uzbekistan and Tonga.

People used a variety of different (non-computer) devices with the iPhone being the most popular to access SM.

Google, Facebook, twitter, stumbleupon and MSNBC were our main referral sites.

Revenue to date: $0

Of our 589 posts, our top five (in terms of on-site traffic) were:

1) What a marine massacre looks like

2) Humpback whale speaks, says “Thank you”

3) Forum on fish, food, and people

4) World’s ocean winds and waves are growing

5) Let us eat (other people’s) fish

We are increasingly depending on twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to get our post out to our loyal audience.

Finally, I want to thank my co-bloggers, guest-posters, our support team, bloggers at other sites that have been especially supportive (DSN and SFS) and of course all of you!  Thank you for stopping by!!!

PS; If you like a post (or SM in general), please “Like” it by clicking one of the social media buttons (like the FaceBook button) to share with your friends.  Thanks.






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  1. Congrats on a glorious first year, SM team! (though the abbreviation SM does not really make me think of sea monsters, I gotta tell ya.)

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