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This is a repost from Helen’s blog (ed). 

It’s the last day of 2012 and I’ve just finished making the last episode of the Naked Oceans podcast. In it, I catch up with a bunch of the folks who’ve appeared on the show over the last two series, and chat with them about the future of the oceans.

This whole Naked Oceans thing began here. At the end of the first series, I paused to reflect here.

And now, two (and a bit) years later, I look back with very fond memories of all the great people I’ve spoken to and all the superb science we’ve covered.

Top Naked Oceans moments for me include attending the launch of the incredibly inspiring Census of Marine Life back in 2010,hunting for rare starfish on the Pembrokeshire coast, and interviewing so many of my all time ocean heroes, including Genie Clark and Sylvia Earle. (I was thrilled to get hold of Sylvia for our final episode too).

We’ve also had some brilliant critters of the month (in most episodes of Naked Oceans we asked a marine expert to tell us if they were a marine species, which one they’d be and why) including bluefin tunaclown anemonefishflying fish, and zombie worms.

And it’s been a lot of fun working with Sarah Castor-Perry – together we were always 100% professional radio presenters and producers (well, nearly always – did you ever listen to our outtakes from series 1?)

Huge thanks to everyone who leant their voices and ideas to Naked Oceans over the past two series. And of course waves of gratitude go out to all of you who’ve tuned in. The entire back catalogue of shows will remain online, free to listen and download.

Naked Oceans may be coming to an end in its current form but there is good news for 2013. If you haven’t already heard, after facing the chop, our parent show The Naked Scientists has been saved and will continue on BBC radio here in Cambridge (the podcasts will also carry on). So there will be plenty more naked science coming up.

Happy New Year everybody.

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