Ocean Art

Dolphin paradise

by Mazarine Jasmine Bruno

Kelp me

We’ve done plenty of fluid inspirational coral reef videos and surf videos. How about one from the kelp forest — with soundtrack? [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/11200197[/vimeo] Hat tip to Jarrett Byrnes. Video by Gary Hawkins.

Just because you can’t see it

… doesn’t mean it isn’t there. A Seamonster thumbs up to the striking visuals on this campaign from Advertisers Without Borders.  

Yeti crab – the Movie!

Live from the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity in Aberdeen, it’s . . . Yeti Crab – the Movie! Perhaps a bit of explanation is in order. We’re live (sort of) in Aberdeen with 953 of our closest friends and colleagues, catching up on the cutting edge of research on the wondrous and varied life […]

Happy Friday… here’s a submarine sonnet!

Bathyscaphe One thousand fathoms down, our halogens strike tube worms blooming in the methane seeps and spiral plumes of sulfides. We descend into the fizz escaping from the deep so vast and vacant that our sonar pings unanswered, and sinking still, the only light is ghostly cobalt, specks phosphorescing past the bathyscaphe’s thick glass. Sealed […]

Fish – a good idea on paper

  During a visit to the Suma Aqualife Park in Japan a few months ago, I came across a captivating display of little origami sea creatures arrayed across an entire wall. The lighting was not right for photos at the time but I’ve since found a great collection of these online, most notably — and […]

Blue sway

Tired of sitting at the computer? If you’re one of the great majority of us who, alas, can’t just toss it all and walk out and plunge right into the real ocean, a passable substitute is the fantastic footage in this inspiring video from award-winning surf filmmaker Jack McCoy. Not Paul McCartney’s finest moment with […]

Ode to a sea cucumber (Dear Helen)

A friend who knows me well recently sent me this poem. Dear Helen, by Charles Simic There’s a thing in the world Called a sea cucumber. I know nothing about it. It just sounds cold and salty. I think a salad of such cukes Would be fine today. I would have to dive for it, […]

Crabes et Crevettes (1929) – Part II

Second part of Jean Painlevé’s classic, crustacean-inspired movie. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z95FeTkQcmI&feature=related[/youtube]

How to take great shark pictures

There’s no doubt that sharks have come a long way since JAWS, but they still suffer something of an image crisis. Shark week does a good job of championing these fantastic beasts,  but we haven’t quite got away from the ‘don’t go into the water’ mentality. So, what can we do to shift this ingrained […]

Another urban shark from a Seamonster fan

Following on from yesterday’s introduction to urban shark spotting, Seamonster fan James Innes sent us this great picture of shark street art from Moorea. Thanks James! Anybody else got pictures of urban sharks to send us?

Urban shark spotting

Even if you live nowhere near the ocean, there are still sharks to be spotted. Here’s a selection of shark street art from around the world. [cincopa AEGA4r653vUx]

Send your artwork to the bottom of the ocean!

Haven’t you always dreamed of sending your art 5,000 meters down to the bottom of the ocean? Okay, maybe not, but if you think that sounds pretty awesome: now’s your chance! In late September, the ocean drilling research vessel JOIDES Resolution will head to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Scientists on board from the Center for Dark […]