Ocean Art

Ocean problems made small

Ocean problems made small

In a brand new series of miniature underwater scenes, Jason Isley turns his eye to some of the greatest problems of the oceans.

I’m a grazer, baby

Our intrepid colleagues at DSN were, as ever, out in front on this. Thanks for the shout-out y’all! And, just as a teaser, we are in final stages of analysis of the ZEN 2011 global seagrass experiment. Stay tuned for actual scientific results! Soon . . .

More underwater miniatures

More underwater miniatures

Here’s another batch of underwater miniatures from Scubazoo’s Jason Isley.

Tiny people underwater – a whole new perspective on ocean life

Tiny people underwater - a whole new perspective on ocean life

Check out these brilliant images from Scubazoo’s Jason Isley. He’s been setting up miniature scenes underwater that give a whole new perspective on ocean life.

Seas without a shore

Tintype seahorses. Very nice. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qH5wPa4djA[/youtube] I love Chris Anthony’s images of dried seahorses and strange people in masks climbing out of the sea in his upcoming book Seas without a shore. And he’s just made his target over on kickstarter. HT Huff post.

BLUE Recap Day 1 to 3

Below is a guest post by wildlife photographer extraordinaire Daniel Fox of the Wild Image Project. The dust has settled and people have finally been able to catch their breath. It is a week now since the Blue Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit ended. 2012 will be remembered as the year where everything changed for […]

Bertness rock anthem

Eric Axelman is an undergrad at Brown Uni and has been working in the Bertness lab where I did my PhD (in salt marshes and cobble beach plant communities).  Eric stars in, directed and wrote the great lyrics for this video.  It has already gone viral in marine ecology, but we want to share in […]

Sculpture of an ocean hero

Sculpture of an ocean hero

A little while ago I went to Silicon Valley to attend the SciFoo unconference at the headquarters of Google. I loved the series of sculptures around the grounds depicting ocean explorers – why ocean explorers? I’ve no idea. This is the one that most people recognized.

Anatomy of sea life by Jeff Wysaski

We love these brilliant cartoons by Jeff Wysaski over at pleated jeans.                                                                                     Head […]

Biodiversity and the battle for Planet Earth: The graphic novel

[Editor’s note: It’s been a big month for the science of biodiversity and an exciting time to be a part of it. Last week, Nature came out with its issue commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Rio meeting that first put biodiversity on the world’s radar screen and spawned the Convention on Biological Diversity. The […]

New underwater sculptures from Jason de Caires Taylor

Underwater sculptor Jason deCaries Taylor has unveiled pictures of his latest works at the MUSA (the Museo Subacuático de Arte) in Cancun, Mexico. They include this stunning piece called Phoenix.                         As Jason says: Constructed from high strength pH-neutral cement and incorporating tensile stainless steel […]

Stunning reminders of why the oceans are awesome

Here’s a few of the amazing pictures that won this year’s underwater photography contest run by the University of Miami Rosentiel School. Make sure you check them out in their full glory at the 2012 Winners website.

Alex Hofford on silky sharks

I chat with photojournalist Alex Hofford about his recent trip to the Pacific Ocean with Greenpeace, where he encountered some beautiful sharks.                     HS – What was it like meeting silky sharks compared to other sharks you’ve encountered AH – These sharks seemed almost canine in […]

Going with the flow – on a planetary scale

We tend to think of ocean currents – when we think of them at all — as stately, slow-moving rivers in the sea, as I believe Ben Franklin himself first referred to the Gulf Stream. But in reality the patterns of water movement across the earth’s surface are extraordinarily complex. Nothing gives you a more […]

Beneath the Waves Film Festival 2012 selections

I am sooooo psyched for the 2012 Beneath the Waves Film Festival at the Benthic Ecology Meeting this Friday! [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/38736112[/vimeo]

Brian Skerry on thinking like a fish and the future

In the final part of my interview with National Geographic underwater photographer, Brian Skerry, I give him the chance to talk to the fishes, to meet any animal in the ocean, and on a more serious note I ask for his thoughts on the future of the oceans. And don’t forget, Brian’s new book, Ocean […]

Brian Skerry on image making

In the second installment of my chat with oceans photographer, Brian Skerry, I ask him about how he goes about capturing ocean soul on camera. And Brian gives the inside scoop on shooting pictures for National Geographic. Helen: What goes through your mind when you’re underwater with your camera? Brian: Depending on the dive, many […]

Brian Skerry tapping into Ocean Soul

This week, Book Hook features a series of exclusive Seamonster interviews with award-winning underwater photographer, Brian Skerry. Brian has been taking photographs underwater for thirty years and these days you’ll see his pictures regularly gracing the pages of National Geographic Magazine. His new book, Ocean Soul, features a breathtaking selection of his work, displayed in […]

Our Blue


Beneath the waves film festival 2012

The submission deadline for the excellent Beneath the waves film festival at the 2012 Benthic Ecology Meeting is coming up: January 20 (2012).  This will be the first year I have attended the festival and I’m really excited about it. I may submit something about mangroves, although the quality of past submissions is intimidating. You can […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Blue shark wins Ocean in Focus contest

Grand-Prize winner of this year’s Marine Photobank’s Ocean in Focus conservation photo contest is Terry Goss with this image of a blue shark snagged on a longline hook in waters off Rhode Island, US. In an interview with Marine Photobank, Terry said: When I started shooting underwater, it was immediately apparent that every shark image […]

The real faces of science

I know you’re busy. But this will only take a moment of your time. Really. And afterwards you will feel buoyed, empowered, brighter, stronger, smarter, more luminous. Well, relieved anyway. These, my friends, are Women Scientists Making Faces. And some of them work at sea. Watch out Hollywood movie stars, they’re coming after ya. Roll […]

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