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Ode to a sea cucumber (Dear Helen)

A friend who knows me well recently sent me this poem. Dear Helen, by Charles Simic There’s a thing in the world Called a sea cucumber. I know nothing about it. It just sounds cold and salty. I think a salad of such cukes Would be fine today. I would have to dive for it, […]

Crabes et Crevettes (1929) – Part II

Second part of Jean Painlevé’s classic, crustacean-inspired movie. [youtube][/youtube]

Graphic arts depiction of shark fin fishing

From photographic artist Chris Jordan: Depicts 270,000 fossilized shark teeth, equal to the estimated number of sharks of all species killed around the world every day for their fins. Zoom in and you see more; 

How to take great shark pictures

There’s no doubt that sharks have come a long way since JAWS, but they still suffer something of an image crisis. Shark week does a good job of championing these fantastic beasts,  but we haven’t quite got away from the ‘don’t go into the water’ mentality. So, what can we do to shift this ingrained […]

Another urban shark from a Seamonster fan

Following on from yesterday’s introduction to urban shark spotting, Seamonster fan James Innes sent us this great picture of shark street art from Moorea. Thanks James! Anybody else got pictures of urban sharks to send us?

Urban shark spotting

Even if you live nowhere near the ocean, there are still sharks to be spotted. Here’s a selection of shark street art from around the world. [cincopa AEGA4r653vUx]

Blue Haiku

Ocean. Haiku. Two great tastes that taste great together. By Elliott Kurtz from the new blog Panthalassa Rising: Blue-tinged planet spins Ocean rise, again to fall ’till the end of all [Hat tip to Dr. M]

Treasures of the White Sea

  I’ve just discovered this fabulous gallery of exquisite images by Russian underwater photographer Alexander Semenov. Alexander works in a place that most of us have never heard of, and few would dream of as hosting some of the beautiful animals that he’s virtually captured — the White Sea, an embayment of the Arctic Ocean […]

How to spot a mimic octopus

Love this ID chart from xkdc. HT to Ben Shearon.

Helen Arney sings ‘Animals’ (with moderate levels of fish-related naughtiness)

I’ve just about finished washing off the mud after spending the weekend getting rained on in a field in Suffolk (England). Among the festival of delights at Latitude – awesome music, literature, comedy etc  – was the wonderful songwriter/comedian/science geek Helen Arney. Here’s Helen singing about animals and the things they get up to make […]

Crabes et crevettes (1929) – Part I

[youtube][/youtube] It seems we only have room in our hearts for one pioneering French underwater filmmaker because few people remember the life and works of Jean Painleve. He began making underwater movies in the 1920’s – some on location and some in aquarium tanks – and was renowned (in France at least) for his offbeat blend […]

Underwater beetle – but not the insect variety

I’m not a great car fan, but I’ve been in love with the cute curves of VW beetles for a long time (and perhaps one day I’ll get one). And I’m completely in love with this new art installation by Jason de Caires Taylor. It’s called Anthropocene, it’s installed on the sea bed 8 m […]

2011 underwater photo contest winners

Presenting the winner (best overall) of the University of Miami’s RSMAS 2011 Underwater Photography contest. Shown are two tiny gobies (Bryaninops natans), representatives of the family that contains some of the smallest vertebrates on earth (although the grand prize for smallest on earth goes to Paedocypris progenetica, a minute relative of carp, measuring less than […]

From art to artificial reefs

Jason de Caires Taylor displays his artwork in a rather unconventional gallery. I’ve been haunted by his underwater sculptures (in a good way) since I saw pictures of them in the Guardian a while back. And I recently grabbed the chance to interview him for the Naked Oceans podcast. Jason told me all about how […]

Haeckel bivalves

The first of many Ernst Haeckel images

The Glide

For my first post on SeaMonster I wanted to chose something from CoastalWatch, an amazing Aussie surfing website that includes some of the most incredible ocean photography on the web (in addition to surf reports, contest news, notes from the field, etc). Luckily, todays home page features just the kind of piece I want to […]