Blue shark wins Ocean in Focus contest

Grand-Prize winner of this year’s Marine Photobank’s Ocean in Focus conservation photo contest is Terry Goss with this image of a blue shark snagged on a longline hook in waters off Rhode Island, US.

In an interview with Marine Photobank, Terry said:

When I started shooting underwater, it was immediately apparent that every shark image I make carries a triple message: 1) look at this amazing and awesome animal, 2) they are NOT your enemy,and finally, 3) look at what we’ve done to them and their home. These photos will be the LAST RECORD of their long existence if we don’t change our ways.

Read the rest of that interview here.

The photo was shot with a Nikon D300, with a Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye lens inside an Aquatica housing, using two Sea & Sea YS90 strobes.

First prize went to this stark portrayal of plastic waste taken by Peri Paleracio in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines.

Visit the Marine Photobank website to see three other winning images.






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  1. Hay – thanks for the repost! I just found this. I look forward to more breaking news on the oceans. Cheers!

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