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Behind the Mediterranean bluefin tuna trade


Fishy labels for seafood

Living on earth covers this important topic in marine conservation. Excerpts from the online transcript are below. Listen to the program here.  Also see more of our coverage of this topic here and read about a recent publication that found evidence of mislabeled fish with the MSC label here.  Today we launch a new series: Go […]

Bluefin boycott

  Join 25,000 other people that have pledged to stop eating endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna.  We are hunting this incredible fish to extinction, regional management is not working, the industry is corrupt and market forces are against us.  So why not just reduce demand? Go here to take the pledge and to see who else has […]

Why are we still eating bluefin tuna?

From Paul Greenberg in Salon: If you eat fish regularly, you’ve probably grown used to regularly being told by conservation groups — or that slightly irritating, politically correct friend — that certain fish shouldn’t be eaten: American striped bass, Atlantic swordfish, Chilean sea bass and Caspian sturgeon have all been the focus of vocal consumer […]

All the good seashells taken

“The good shells have clearly been overcollected.  There used to be so many, and we just assumed they’d be around forever.” From the Onion (a satire magazine):  According to a report released Monday by a group of environmental researchers, all the good seashells worth picking up and bringing home have already been taken, a development that threatens the […]