Tag: plastic

  • Oceans of Garbage

    Great infographic from the folks over at mastersdegree.net. Created by: MastersDegree.net

  • Enter the heroes

    Having sat on their nests for weeks without a meal, the exhausted Albatross parents of the newly-hatched chicks head out to sea in search of food for themselves and their babies via Chris Jordan’s Midway Journey. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpmxEaKQtwM&[/youtube]  

  • Rise Above Plastics

    An eye-catching graphic from the Surfrider Foundation. Check out riseaboveplastics.org – a beautifully-designed website with an excellent message!

  • Blue shark wins Ocean in Focus contest

    Grand-Prize winner of this year’s Marine Photobank’s Ocean in Focus conservation photo contest is Terry Goss with this image of a blue shark snagged on a longline hook in waters off Rhode Island, US. In an interview with Marine Photobank, Terry said: When I started shooting underwater, it was immediately apparent that every shark image […]

  • Just because you can’t see it

    … doesn’t mean it isn’t there. A Seamonster thumbs up to the striking visuals on this campaign from Advertisers Without Borders.  

  • Plastic on the beach

    I just returned from a trip to coastal Ecuador and guess what the beach was littered with? Plastic. All kinds of plastic. Plastic shoes, buckets and bottles. Especially plastic bottles. I see this everywhere I go and there seems to be more and more of it. In fact, the only beach I have ever visited […]

  • A Plastic Future: the Midway Story

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PiNaJjAX8A[/youtube] An amazing video about plastics on Midway Island by Clare Fieseler.

  • Impacts of the Japanese tsunami on ocean life

    As terrible as the impacts of the Japanese tsunami have been, one issue barely being covered by the media is the potentially massive effects on ocean life and ecosystems. I can’t say too much as a scientist simply because there is no data on what is happening; nobody is measuring sediment input, toxin levels in […]