Top Ten Sea Monsters (OK, make it a dozen)

We couldn’t have done this better ourselves. Meet the “12 most bizarre and frightening sea creatures“, courtesy of Asylum UK.  This is so good I had to reproduce it:

The planet Earth is full of scary stuff. Not just like the threat of bird-flu and unemployment, but even scarier things like angry bears and bity snakes. Luckily for us land-based species most of the very scariest creatures in creation lurk in the deepest reaches of sea, and for a long time we had no idea they were there. But now our blissful ignorance is a thing of the past after some some idiots, in the name of “science” have gone and bloody found them. And so you can you after the break.

1. Fangtooth Not just cute as a bug’s ear, the fangtooth has the distinction of having the largest teeth of any fish in the ocean proportionate to its size. Its teeth are so big, the fish actually had to evolve holes in its skull to accomodate them when its mouth is close. Fortunately for those of us who go swimming at around 16,000 feet below the ocean, the fangtooth generally only grows to about a half foot in length and wouldn’t be as much a problem for humans as the intensely crushing pressure of that depth.

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  1. Stacy Zhang

    Great post. I love reading about all things strange and yet beautiful…

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