Waking from the Gluttony

There is a great post from the Science Progress Fish on Fridays series excerpted below (go here to read in full).

Many fisheries scientists were sure there was no way humans could make a dent in the seemingly endless abundance of fish in the ocean as late as the middle of the 20th century. But our fishing industries were already well on their way to proving them wrong. It now seems that the problems facing our fisheries are as plentiful as cod once were on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and throughout the Gulf of Maine.

We now live in a world where overfishing is far too prevalent. To stem this tide, regulators impose tighter and tighter restrictions on fishermen, in the face of fundamental disagreements among harvesters, regulators, and conservationists about how many is too many.

And yet fishermen acknowledge the need for long-term fish stock sustainability. Their livelihoods, their communities, and their history depend on it. No fish, no fishing. Simple.

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