It’s a long wait for Nemo













The good people at the Disney corporation have made sure we all know who this fish is. Of course it’s Nemo aka the clown anemone fish, (Amphiprion percula). But there are some details the movie-makers left out – and let’s face it, they got a few bits just so wrong.

For starters, Nemo wouldn’t have lived with his dad – he’d have been booted out soon as he was born and left to drift about as a tiny larvae to find space on another anemone. And then of course Nemo will turn into a girl – if he survives that long.

Here’s Peter Buston from Boston University taking his turn picking the Naked Oceans‘ critter of the month, explaining how anemone fish wait in line for as long as 20 years before they get a chance to breed as males and eventually a lucky few will get a shot at being the lady of tentacles.

Photo by Boogies with fish.

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