Fish – a good idea on paper


Origami Koi made from a single dollar bill, by Won Park

During a visit to the Suma Aqualife Park in Japan a few months ago, I came across a captivating display of little origami sea creatures arrayed across an entire wall. The lighting was not right for photos at the time but I’ve since found a great collection of these online, most notably — and surely in a class by themselves — the astonishing origami works by the master Won Park, made from US dollar bills, including the one above (admittedly a freshwater fish but give me a little poetic license here). So if you are far from the ocean but still pine for its hypnotic roar, a few highlights of salty origami from around the web, beginning with one of my favorites (click on the photos for links to the source):

Swordfish by John Montroll


Here’s one’s for you Helen:

Seahorse by Katrin and Yuri Shumakov


The winner for minimalist elegance:

Seal by Kunihiko Kasahara


Happy feet (note how the precisely folded dollar makes an eye of the swirl and a white beak):

One dollar penguin by Won Park


To the reef:

Butterfly fish by Seo Won Seon and Lee In Kyung


Let’s not forget the elasmobranchs:

Ray by Robert J. Lang


One-dollar shark, by Won Park


. . . nor neglect our spineless friends:

One dollar crab, by Won Park


OK, I changed my mind. This is my new favorite (via Julia Whitty’s origami ocean):

Origami lobster. Wow.


Probably best not to try this one at home kids:

Origami octopus


So far this is the only origami gelatinous zooplankter I’ve run across:



And last, but far from least, the elusive mermaid — complete with bikini, or at least that part of a bikini that a modest mermaid might wear:

Mermaid by Fernando Gilgado




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