The real faces of science

I know you’re busy. But this will only take a moment of your time. Really. And afterwards you will feel buoyed, empowered, brighter, stronger, smarter, more luminous. Well, relieved anyway.

These, my friends, are Women Scientists Making Faces. And some of them work at sea. Watch out Hollywood movie stars, they’re coming after ya.

Roll tape:




But wait — these people are serious! They love their jobs, and here’s why:


We feel ya!

From Dr. Hope Jahren and the 2011 cohort of the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program.







2 responses to “The real faces of science”

  1. Hope Jahren! I did my thesis with her.

  2. Jahren

    addresses have changed for these videos, sorry!

    “Love our Work” is at:

    “Making Faces” is at:

    thanks so much for mentioning us in your blog! 🙂

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