Bertness rock anthem

Eric Axelman is an undergrad at Brown Uni and has been working in the Bertness lab where I did my PhD (in salt marshes and cobble beach plant communities).  Eric stars in, directed and wrote the great lyrics for this video.  It has already gone viral in marine ecology, but we want to share in the fun. I love the imagery, the scenes in the basement of famed Walter Hall (the lab) and on Thayer street; I even saw shit I left in the lab 12 years ago still there!  It was a great trip down memory lane.  I think Eric and his partners have raised the bar for next year’s Beneath the Waves Film Festival!  We need more sexy in our preachy, gloom-n-doom videos.  Speaking of which, we are bringing the BTW film fest to UNC in just over two months!

Directed by Eric Axelman and Nik Gonzales
Shot and Edited by Nik Gonzales
Beats by Loren Fulton
Lyrics by Eric Axelman
With Julie Pittman, Eric Young, Caitlin Brisson, and Mark Bertness






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