Kook Jamie O’Brien rides sea turtle

Oy vey! One of the world’s most famous free surfers and tube riding master, Jamie O’Brian, has created a massive controversy in Hawaii (and elsewhere) by posting this picture on his FB page:

Not cool Jamie.  At least ride an adult!







2 responses to “Kook Jamie O’Brien rides sea turtle”

  1. This story came to mind…


    A woman in St. Petersburg, Florida was just arrested for riding a manatee at the beach. Under Florida’s Manatee Sanctuary Act it is illegal to molest, harass, or disturb manatees. I wonder if there is a similar law in Hawaii.

  2. Justin Enjo

    Aw give it a break people, and get off Jamie’s back…no pun intended. It’s just one picture and it’s a great euphemism for what humans are doing to the world.

    Did you know that right outside the seaturtle preserve in Costa Rica, you can buy seaturtle eggs at the local market? Now that’s something people should be talking about.

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