Tiny people underwater – a whole new perspective on ocean life

Check out these brilliant images from Scubazoo’s Jason Isley. He’s been setting up miniature scenes underwater that give a whole new perspective on ocean life.


Leisure-Star-Gazing-by-Jason-Isley UW-Invasion-Mantis-Shrimp-by-Jason-Isley Workers-Acidians-by-Jason-IsleyHarmony-Gardening-by-Jason-IsleyUW-Attack-Nemos-Revenge-by-Jason-Isley

4 Responses to “Tiny people underwater – a whole new perspective on ocean life”

  1. John Bruno says:

    I love these! So do my kids!

  2. noblue nogreen says:

    They should have credited where this idea came from.. ie the famous street artist slinkachu, who has been working with “little people” in cities all over Europe for years! http://slinkachu.com/home

  3. Jason R says:

    Cute, but lacks the perspective of the slinkachu’s original concept

  4. Cute, but whenever I see plastic in ocean water I get the creeps

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