Visualizing Arctic sea ice loss

For a book chapter I’m working on with Chris Harley and Mike Burrows, Iv’e been looking for the best graphics science has to offer that visualize Arctic sea ice loss.  Here are a few contenders.  Advice and other suggestions welcome.

arctic-death-spiral-1979-201302Feb sea ice extentsea ice fig 3sea ice fig 2





3 responses to “Visualizing Arctic sea ice loss”

  1. Christian

    Interesting graphs. I don’t really have Artic or ice cover data, but an impressive figure of greenland landmasses that are rising because of ice melting:


    1. John Bruno

      wow amazing graphics. and so cool that this effect is measurable to soon.

  2. sam mansfield

    As a relative laymen, I find the top graphic the most visually arresting and immeditately informative. Not sure who the book’s aimed at, but if for the enthusiast / general public, just seeing an x / y axis can be a turn off!

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