The Glide

For my first post on SeaMonster I wanted to chose something from CoastalWatch, an amazing Aussie surfing website that includes some of the most incredible ocean photography on the web (in addition to surf reports, contest news, notes from the field, etc). Luckily, todays home page features just the kind of piece I want to include in the SeaMonster stream. It is a brief about “The Glide” a collaboration between classical musicians and surf photographer Jon Frank. It encapsulates what I want to do here and also showcases how ocean art, sport and science can be blended together.

This is not your typical surf shot. But neither is its creator, the mysterious Mr. Jon Frank, your typical surf photographer. Lately he’s been working with the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Richard Tognetti to create The Glide, a very different surf media experience.

Australian Chamber Orchestra Creative Director Richard Tognetti’s first exploration of the links between the ocean, surfing and music resulted in the cult documentary Musica Surfica, winning best feature awards at surf film festivals in the USA, Brazil, South Africa and France. Now he’s teamed up with reknowned surf photographer Jon Frank to produce a new multimedia performance, The Glide.  Read more here at CoastalWatch




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