Blue sway

Tired of sitting at the computer? If you’re one of the great majority of us who, alas, can’t just toss it all and walk out and plunge right into the real ocean, a passable substitute is the fantastic footage in this inspiring video from award-winning surf filmmaker Jack McCoy. Not Paul McCartney’s finest moment with the soundtrack, in my humble opinion, but kudos to Sir Paul for lending his considerable weight to the Surfrider Foundation‘s efforts.

You gotta click the full-screen button on this one:

Hat tip to Beach Chair Scientist, a cool ocean blog we’ve just recently discovered, and who has details on the video.





3 responses to “Blue sway”

  1. Conor

    Good job, Dad!

  2. Thank you for the hat tip! And if it is the day after you watch Blue Sway and still need to get lost in the blue see this ridiculously fun site from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society:

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